I enjoy reading all sorts of things. In spite of his often inappropriate language with regards to certain topics, I found the late Christopher Hitchens quite enjoyable. His writings were often well-written, sharp, and fiery. I disagree with some of his thoughts, but that’s permissible. The point I am trying to make is this, I enjoy reading people’s ideas. They intrigue me. If you’ve never checked out Patheos.com, I’d recommend that you do. 

Linked below is a blog in which the writer poses the thought that the religion you are raised in is dictated by the culture you’re born into. He’s right too. When a person is born, chances are that person will be raised in the beliefs of his/her parents. There’s nothing wrong with that either. I would dare say that a person willing to say that a parent should let their kids grow up free of religious, moral, or political thought and develop their own ideas is slightly off the mark. 

But that is not the current topic at hand. In short the writer asks why is it Christians have visions of Mary but not Muhammad? Why do Jews see Elijah but not Vishnu? His answer, environment. Granted, the author is atheist, so I think he’d agree with me when I say I think this writer is saying that religious visions are simply dreams predicated upon prior experience not supernatural and miraculous events.

“Christians aren’t Christian because Christianity is true, but because they were born into a Christian environment. Christianity is a cultural trait, not a reflection of the truth.”

My question then is this, if it is a character trait, how did it spread? And if you answer that a person bought into another person’s ideas, then I’d ask, where’s the environmental factor? In your quest to evangelize your belief in no God, is not your aim to spread a character trait that had a set beginning (environment)? Taken to what I think is its logical end, you’re ultimately saying is that religious thought is a fabrication of the human mind, but that would include atheism. Unbelief is still belief, hate to be the bearer of bad news. And if all belief is a fabrication, then we are all wrong…which means Megatron will soon be visiting Earth. Don’t worry, I have Thor on speed dial.

I just hope my “environment” got it right. And if not, although I don’t think my “environment” is wrong, I hope to find the “environment” that is right. That way, I can help continue this notion that believers are a product of culture and not of truth. 




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